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Crown Mortgage Company appreciates its customers' loyalty and referrals. Over 70% of our clients are repeat or referral customers.


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Crown Mortgage Company is a local lender that combines modern technology with a personal approach to provide a customized lending experience matching your needs. We can provide you with a real  fully underwritten mortgage commitment in one hour and close your loan in as little as 10 business days. Our expert staff will guide you every step of the way to ensure an exceptional customer service experience. Our innovative mortgage lending approach and the ability to make our own credit approval decisions gives our customers peace of mind and comfort. Once you close on your home you will make the monthly payments to us - we retain the personal relationship with you throughout the life of your loan and even after the loan is fully paid-off. 


Jessie and Susy... 

Crown Mortgage saved our dream home. We looked for a home that our family could grow in for almost 8 months and found our dream home. We put in an offer and it was accepted! Because the home was a foreclosure and the boiler could not be started, the other lender refused to close. We were heart broken. Another offer on our house came in the next day and was again accepted. Our dream was gone until, that deal was unable to close as well.

Our realtor told us about Crown - how different they are from everyone else and convinced us to take another shot at our dream with Crown’s help. We called and discussed our situation with Crown’s loan officer who came out after hours to meet with us the very next day. Our loan officer was great to work with as he took the time to actually get to know what was important to us and answer every question we had, unlike our previous lender who only told us what she thought was important.

Crown was not only able to approve our loan the next day, but they also worked diligently with us through all the repair issues that came up. Not only did the boiler not start, the house was not properly winterized causing several burst pipes. Thanks to Crown’s “Repairs After Closing” program our dream home became our reality.



After searching with my realtor, we finally found the home I wanted and we wrote the offer.  Everything was going great until thirty days later when my bank told me that the underwriter could not approve my loan due to only being on my job six months, even though I had been in the same field for over five years. 

My realtor suggested I call Crown Mortgage to see if they could help.  I spoke to the loan officer at Crown and he explained that they were able to look at my loan differently since they are the actual lender and do not sell the loans. 

Crown approved my loan in one hour and we closed on time!  Thank you Crown Mortgage for helping me buy my first home when other banks said it couldn’t be done!